Training Process Outsourcing

Are you a aspirational SME which aims to grow into the big league?

You would therefore like to invest in your people and their development, and ensure that their competencies and capabilities are in line with the aspirational trajectory.

However, your aspirations are not being fulfilled, and this can be because of a number of reasons:

    At Organization Level:
  • The HR Manager/resource is choked for time, being burdened with a number of things, including recruitment, payroll, adminstartion, compliance etc.
  • Your are not able to attract and retain top of the class Training talent.
    At a Tactical Level:
  • There are no proper plans for employee development that have been systematically arrived at.
  • There are no systems (and your existing HR system) is not giving you the visibility of the required information and enabling decision making.
    At a Operational Level:
  • There is no-one who is deligently following up to ensure training is happening the way it needs to be.
  • The costs are in line with what you have planned/budgeted.

UniTol helps organizations faced with these dilemmas by partnering with them and providing complete end-to-end managed solutions in the Training Space.