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The worlds first end-to-end solution provider for Demand & Supply side of Corporate Training.

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Why are we unique

UniTol Training Solutions runs internet platforms and provides IT tools for all the significant players involved in the Training Value chain, to manage transactions as well as work flows to service clients and customers. We are the only organization which offers such comprehensive solutions to the various actors in the Corporate Training echo system.

Our Products & Services
Demand Side

Training Process Management & Execution needs of


On-premise & cloud based Training Mgmt System for managing Training Process & demand generator for Trainers & Venues

On-line + Off-line solution to support Training execution by providing trainers+ venues+trg.design for org. (esp for Front line + Jr Mgmt)*

A listing/directory and registration facilitating portal for MDP/EDP programs from across the world (targeted for Middle/Sr. Mgmt)

Supply Side Offerings

Training Infra

Training Venues Information system: A portal which lists over 7500+ training venues – across India and globe
A cloud based (Training) Venue Mgmt System which helps plan and manage Infra (targeted esp for non-hotel/low cost venues


Trainer DB(5K)+utilities – which help trainer to quote, design, plan, bill and monitor trainings conducted

Platform to bridge trainer-participant through the training process

A Competency based tool to help access and rate trainers and help organizations in their (trainer) selection

We also claim to be the first of our kind solution because

The core team brings over 100 man-years of training industry experience – both from Supply and Demand, as well as infra/venue dimension – a combination which gives a distinct advantage to the company.

UniTol provides a truly end-to-end solution to both Organizations as well as Trainers in designing, planning and executing Training / Learning Solutions.

Unique and first-in-the-market features for various stakeholders (eg. CRM tool for Trainers, interface with execution information for organizations, venue availability broadcasting information)

Large DB
Provide the largest database of Trainers, Training Infra and specifically designed training program designs to help Trainers and Training Managers

Have a global patent* for Training Cost Optimization (To answer the question – Which is the best date, place, venue and which trainer to be used for a given budget)

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We have delighted clients across sectors in their Learning & Development

We partner with organizations, both big and small in their Learning & Development process – a partial list of our clients.

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